Summer of Love

Double Door Welcomes

Summer of Love

Souljunky, Foolish, J.B. Little, Rob Scallon

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

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Summer of Love
Summer of Love
Formed in January 2006 after 2+ years meticulously recording the debut Lovesongs: An Early Meditation on Love and Alienation in the Modern Era...MARK HETZEL and his ensemble SUMMER OF LOVE have been referred to as a remedy for Chicago’s harsh winters by means of its “sunshine music.” Its focus is on positivity and (agreeing that 40 years is much too long to wait for another love revolution) a belief in the power of love and compassion to deal with the challenging state that Mama Earth/we find ourselves in. The band lends itself to many possible ensembles – up to 7 members in total – and has reinvented itself with each performance from Chicago to Cape Town, South Africa.
Souljunky released their debut extended player “Here and Now” in 2011 which has been described as “delightfully ethereal” and “twenty minutes of sweet musical escapism”. The "Here and Now" E.P. is truly a clear indicator of what this musical collective is capable of. Souljunky seamlessly takes elements from wildly different genres and much like a digital sampler, splices them together to find a striking harmonic balance. "Here and Now" begins with the addictive pop gem "Francine" and slowly winds it's way to the shoe-gazing ambience of "Naked" and ends strongly with a Northern Soul floor filler "You Are The Landfill".

Over the past year and a half the group has been busy writing new songs which are just now finding there way onto the group's full length debut titled "I found your dream". The group's sound continues to expand and seeming at once evolve in a more refined manner. The new songs on this album seem more politically and socially aware but they never come off preachy or offensive. All of the songs on "I found your dream" share a common theme in which they question the status quo and the trappings which come with living up to others expectations. They are expecting to release this record by July of 2012.

Formed in 2011, this Chicago-based four piece consists of Chris Hess (vocals/ guitars/ keyboards), John Mott (vocals/ guitars), John Vanderweit (bass guitars) and Grant Niebergall (drums). These gents have known each other for over sixteen years nows and you can hear this in their music. The contributions of these musicians individually aren’t necessarily as important as what they are doing together as a whole right now. Souljunky's sole intention is to write and perform the most honest, heartfelt and creative music they possibly can.

People are quick to make judgements with association these days because they lack a certain descriptive vocabulary and we hear it all the time. So when the group is asked to describe their sound, you will most likely receive the same answer, Souljunky. The group certainly has developed their own distinct sound which remains a strong source of pride for the group. However, upon closer inspection one can easily hear many influences such as: electro, punk, soul, shoe-gazing, rock, afro-beat and many other genres melding seamlessly together.

Both separately and collectively, the members of this group have either played with or alongside numerous noteworthy artists such as: Jay Bennett of Wilco, Nash Kato of Urge Overkill, Sammy Llanas of The Bodeans, Via Verso, Faith No More, Scott Lucas of Local H, The Motherhips, DJ Greyboy, Petibone and many others.

Souljunky has recently played Double Door and Goose Island along with some other non-traditional venues for charitable fundraisers. They group's music has also been played on Chicago's 93.1 FM WXRT as well as Hammond's 1230 AM WJOB where they were a featured artist on Flying Around The Sun. Please sign up for the group's mailing list or follow the group’s Facebook page to stay abreast of all current and breaking news.
Foolish hails from Chicago and has been entertaining people for years. They take their inspiration from many different genres -- Rock, Funk, Blues, and Jazz and turn it into their own unique style of progressive music. With diverse musical backgrounds, Foolish has taken their knowledge, love, and passion for music, and shaped it into unmatched musical creativity. Since the band's formation back in 2008, Foolish has taken these elements and built an identity based on high-energy shows, the use of unique instrumentation, and an unmistakable style.

In the past year, Foolish has focused their attention on writing original material and has recently completed their newest major project: a new EP titled The Last Laugh. The EP features four original singles which are all now available for download on iTunes, along with other major music retailers. In the coming months, Foolish will be planning a Midwest tour for summer 2012.

Foolish is Brad Meyer on lead vocals, drums and percussion, Jordan Gates on bass, Donald Bender on lead guitar and saxophone, and Kai Funahashi filling in for Vivek Magati on piano, keyboard, and saxophone.
J.B. Little
J.B. Little
J.B.Little are a new Chicago rock band. An amalgamation of talent, the band is comprised of Jason Chapman on bass and vocals, Jay Little on guitar and vocals,Mark Sheehy on lead guitar and vocals and Frank Spidale on drums and percussion. Mark, Frank and Jay are all veterans of the Chicago live music scene, having played in bands such as Baby Lemonade, The Sapphires, Precious Wax Drippings, Supermodel and Mark Sheehy Band. Jason has been busy recording two CDs under the name Francisco Castle, as well as working as an independent film maker. As a collective, their new sound ranges from mellow alt-country, to hummable pop, to cool rock and smooth R&B.
Rob Scallon
Rob Scallon
Rob Scallon started on drums in the 4th grade and has since moved onto bass, guitar, piano and singing. Learning through writing; Rob brought all of these skills to create countless songs with countless bands. Then in Winter of 2007 Rob started his solo project with the release of the music video for "Summer." Played on one classical guitar; it's a tune complete with a catchy lead, bass line and even a drum beat. This song instantly began getting buzz online and sparked the solo project into full swing.

Rob's devotion to music has further led him to the ever demanding medium of online video; bringing his expertise in playing, songwriting and filmmaking together to continuously put out amazing music with professional video on youtube. Racking up over 22,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views Rob has built up an impressive following over the last few years.

Online, Rob posts a new music video every 2 weeks along with other lesson videos, contests, collaborations, and occasional covers on youtube and posts updates, photos, and misc other material on other social networks daily. Engaging the audience is a big part of the project. The majority of Rob's songs come with tabs to encourage fan-made covers and plenty of contests on a range of social networks in which fans can win signed merchandise or unreleased music.

Live, Rob brings the same passion to his performance. Blending his bass, piano and drum techniques into his solo guitar songs to create something truly unique and mesmerizing that the crowd will not be forgetting.

In studio, Rob has released three full albums writing, recording and producing all aspects of the work and has also released numerous solo guitar singles along with his music videos. Rob's latest album The Winter's Months, which is a one-man-full-band concept album telling the story of a love-worn winter, spans 10 tracks and 4 music videos so far. Rob is currently working on an entirely instrumental album complete with all songs that can be recreated live. Each song will also be accompanied by a music video, and featured on the solo guitar playlist on

Rob's music has been heard on local radio, independent films, regularly on the homepage of the biggest guitar tab/news site on the web, to millions of viewers through his channel and online collaborations on youtube, and now is to be brought to new stages and venues around the US.
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622