Alar Wave

Dirtroom Show

Alar Wave

Christ vs. Krishna, Stoplight Jones

Monday, July 23, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

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Alar Wave
Alar Wave
Chicago-land natives Gerard Pannekoek and Alex Sisto have been friends since elementary school, but it took them until after college to decide they wanted to pursue music together. Looking around at the current state of affairs and seeing a world simultaneously expanding and contrasting, perhaps it was who Mick Jagger said it best, when he sang, “What can a poor boy do, except to sing for a rock’n’roll band?” And so in 2012, the two of them, bound by a similar taste in music and a strong desire to promote social change, started writing music. By the end of the winter, having spent most of it holed up in their Wicker Park apartment, they emerged with an album’s worth of material and no intention of stopping there.

At its core, the music is most closely related to rock, but elements of pop, folk, and indie are undeniably prevalent as well, giving them a sound one might describe as unexpectedly familiar. The two share lead vocals, and their progressive-minded lyrics more often than not find themselves supported by a backing voice or harmony, keeping the music melodic, upbeat, and full. Despite the absence of a drummer (for now, anyway), their music suffers no lack of energy, and in fact, relies heavily on rhythm to carry the songs and keep the listeners engaged. But, as with all music, you really just have to listen to it.
Christ vs. Krishna
Christ vs. Krishna
Christ vs Krishna is a rock band from Toronto. They write songs that focus on hooks as much as ambiance, chord progressions as much as rhythm, and desire as much as the desire to just have fun. Their debut album Sidewalk Astronomy is out now.
Stoplight Jones
Stoplight Jones
Disclaimer: Band bios are lame and boring. What follows is a self-awarely lame and boring band bio. Just picture a continuous cycle of exploding kittens in your mind's eye as you read/skim the following.

After all meeting at college in the corn and soybean desert that is rural Illinois, Josh, Brady, Steve and Carter were all part of party pros Marcos and the Mack Daddys, playing house parties, DIY shows and the occasional bar. Pleasantly surprised at how much people liked their incoherent, chaotic party jams, MMDs kept adding members until there were like 18 or something. Ok, 7. With members graduating and not graduating and being spread out over the midwest, a more concise band was formed: Stoplight Jones.

There was Steve on keys/synthbass and vocals, Brady on guitar and vocals, Carter on drums and Joshua on sexophone (sic), the band decided they needed an actual electric bass, too. Turns out Joshua found one in his basement and discovered he could play it without ever touching it before, so now he plays bass and saxophone. Brady also discovered that he had a budding talent on the most versatile of instruments: the kazoo. There are so many lies in the last two sentences.

So they took some of the best of the Mack Daddys material, outfitted it for the newfound foursome of ladykillers, added killer new material, and things came together nice and easy. The musical part was the easiest. Naming the band was the difficult part, mostly because nobody else in the band liked the best band name ever thought of, "The Popemobile." Whatever man.

Stoplight Jones will play wherever there are people who dig good music, and occasionally welcomes the Mack Daddys' powerhouse female vocalist Andrea Dunn to the stage because damn, have you heard that bad girl sing?
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622