Pearly Gates

Double Door Welcomes

Pearly Gates

Calling Zion, Dylan Dog

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm



This event is 21 and over

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Pearly Gates
Pearly Gates
We play covers of bands ranging from The Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, and UFO to name a few. (Classic and Harder Rock) If you're looking to have a party or event and need entertainment we're what you're looking for. We may be young but we act professional.

Rock n' Roll is here to stay.
Calling Zion
Calling Zion
Calling Zion brings together years of industry experience from all
different genres. They forge a style of music that not only contains
high powered driven riffs, but also carries powerful yet poignant lyrics
that draw emotion from the listener.

Since it's conception in late 2011, Chicago based Calling Zion have been busy
writing and recording with producer Chris Wisco (Nonpoint) for their up and coming self titled EP. The EP will include the single Stand & Ignite, which charted at #3 on the Chicago Reverb Nation rock charts.

After recently completing a tour of Texas, which included dates at SXSW in
Austin, Calling Zion have firmly established themselves as a band that can deliver by winning over fans with their powerful stage show.

Calling Zion look forward to the release of their self titled EP this Spring, along with more national touring to come.
Dylan Dog
Dylan Dog
Dylan Dog’s early beginnings started with a chance meeting in 2006 of CD Devlin (Lead guitar) and Bill Z (Vokills) through mutual friends. CD a Boston native was studying at Berklee Music College where he was mastering his skills on guitar and song writing. Bill at the time was perfecting his dynamic vocal skills by singing in various genres and performing with local metal bands. Bonding over their love of music and horror movies the two quickly became friends.

By 2009, both becoming very frustrated with their current projects and craving something new and fresh, the two began talks of starting a project like no other. They began exchanging music and lyric files online. The result of trading files recorded on Bill’s 8 track and CD’s garage band files were primitive but promising. Seeing the potential in the tracks Bill and CD began serious talks about recording an EP. Dylan Dog was born.

Early 2010, still in Boston, CD started laying down instrumental tracking. Not having a true band yet, CD was forced to track both guitar and bass, while a local session drummer was hired to drop the drums. Meanwhile, Bill was receiving the instrumental tracks and he headed into Gravity Studios where he worked with Joe Peven to add his killer vocals. Instrumentals and vocals laid out, it was now CD’s friend Jeremy Krull’s turn to handle the producing/engineering and mixing of the tracks. In late July 2010 Upper Persuasion For a Lower Invasion, Dylan Dog’s first real EP came to life.

After working so hard, CD and Bill started the quest to find band members with the same heart, vision and craving for fresh new music they had. After many line up changes, frustrated the two placed an add on Craig’s list in hopes of getting a hit.

Kidd Thompson, a bassist having parted ways with thrash band Vindicator in late 2010, returned to Chicago with the same hopes of something new. After jamming with a few local bands that all offered the same old, same old he happened upon the Craig's list ad. He decided to check Dylan dog out for himself. Jamming with CD and Bill, Kidd came to the conclusion that Dylan Dog had the potential to bring a new and edgy sound. So he quickly agreed to join. Having the beginnings of a killer line up, the three began the task of finding the rest of the band.

Having much trial and error in the drum spot DD decide one last time to find the right fit. Hitting the pavement again DD was contacted by Dale Kramer. With all the bad tryouts DD refused to get hopeful about any drummer. After Dale came in he seemed to be a breath of life the band needed after the let downs of drummers past. Dale was a fast learner and easy going like the whole group, he fit in well. After a few jam sessions where Dale came in with more to offer every time DD decided to put its faith in a drummer for the last time. Dale after years in the cover band scene having taken his recent plunge into writing his own music had realized that he was not feeling as fulfilled as he had before. Dale was done playing other great drummers music and wanted the chance to really show his talents. DD gave Dale that chance and Dale gave DD the nod. New Drummer in place DD is ready to take on the challenge that the original music world has thrown at us.

Dylan Dog offers a completely new sound with deep roots in rock and metal. We strive everyday to be better and stay honest to our roots and how the band came to be. We begin everyday by playing with dedication, passion, talent, heart and conviction. We strive to be great so that you have something completely new to listen to. This dedication and mindset has been earning Dylan Dog a growing and loyal fan base. We will never compromise the quality of our music to conform for the masses. This is what we believe will set us apart, and keep our distinctive sound True to what we work everyday so hard to achieve. Dylan Dog with its edgy tones and hard Chicago attitude has something to offer fans of all music genres. Please enjoy our music and you decide what category or genre we fit in.
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622