Super Hairy

Double Door Welcomes

Super Hairy

My Empty Phantom, Victor Villareal, The Winter Me

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$5.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over

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Super Hairy
Super Hairy
Super Hairy band members Jonny Swift and Zack Tomlinson are just as hairy as the Electronic Rock music they make.
Jonny and Zack have been successfully creating music together since 2005 when they founded and performed in Empire, a Rock band with melodic bass lines, heavy drums, and wailing guitar solos. While always staying true to their Rock and Roll roots, both members realized that music was m
oving forward into an Electronic era. Using this knowledge, their mastery of music, and their overall amount of body hair, Zack and Jonny evolved into Super Hairy.
Super Hairy bridges the gap between Rock and Roll and the future of music: Electronic. They call this genre "the New Rock and Roll." Drawing on influences from artists such as Pretty Lights, Ratatat, and The Glitch Mob, Super Hairy blends electronic synths, sick beats, and samples with overdrive guitar and heavy bass lines, creating a euphonic sound that will shake the house and melt your face off!

Download all of our music FOR FREE at!

"The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, and STS9 may be the well known jamtronica bands at the moment, but Super Hairy will be at their level soon if they keep these beautiful mind licking tracks coming" - The Music Junkies

"Combining heavy electronic beats with dirty distorted guitar riffs, Jonny Swift and Zack Tomlinson have created a band that converges the trending genre of electronic music with their love of classic rock. And it also makes you want to grow a fierce mustache and get your groove
on" - The Loyola Phoenix

"Starting with a very mellow electronic sound, ("Big Bill") slowly builds into a much heavier hitting anthem. The heavy hitting anthem is very addicting" - Windy City Banter
My Empty Phantom
My Empty Phantom
My Empty Phantom is the moniker of one man band and multi instrumentalist Jesse Beaman from Austin, Texas. Jesse has toured all across North America and recently in Europe performing live on various instruments like Piano, Guitar, and Drums with looping pedals. During the last few years Beaman has crossed paths and performed shows with musicians like Cocorosie, Silver Mt. Zion, Dosh, Joan of Arc,
White Denim, Maserati, Julianna Barwick and many more.

"Definitely someone I would want to see again, and listen to regularly."
KAMP Student Radio (Tucson, Arizona)

"My Empty Phantom features the talents of Jesse Beaman. This is the perfect name to match the daunting music Jesse makes in his one-man band. He loops guitars, drums, piano and other instruments to create enlightening post-rock melodies."
(Austin Chronicle - Chrontourage)

"I'm quite surprised, I imagined that the loop that was recorded was the drums ... In the end he plays drums, rhythm round and fresh, not violent, not at all clear. Just something that includes as an additional instrument, without commitment to the basics. And that's where all the work: the rhythm is played by the keyboard or guitar, drums is the accompaniment. Strange and effective"
(Post-Rock - France)

A one man band, My Empty Phantom, explores the creativity of talented American composer Jesse Beaman. An overall interesting show as Jesse managed to fill the room with melodies and provoking sounds by using different instruments such as pianos, guitars, drums and samples.

"My Empty Phantom (Jesse Beaman) set up all alone on stage between his keyboard and his drum kit. Beaman began each of his songs with the keyboard, laying down beautiful, ambient piano riffs that he then looped into a repeating, progressive melody. Then, turning away from the keyboard, he set into his drums. "
"My Empty Phantom gave the audience a means to embrace the cold, feel it numb them from the inside, throbbing."
(Performer Magazine Atlanta)

"My Empty Phantom, another local instrumental rock group. My Empty Phantom, though, is comprised entirely of one person: Jesse Beaman. Yet, all by himself he was able to create dramatic soundscapes reminiscent of leaders in the genre, like Explosions in the Sky."
- Ovrld

"My Empty Phantom, a one-man show created by musician and composer Jesse Beaman, which mixed haunting piano play with heavy drum beats."
(- Dallas Observer)

"Jesse Beaman is a one-man band who performs under the name My Empty Phantom. Based in Texas, Beaman's solo live show finds him hopping back and forth between keyboards, drums and guitar, looping the instruments into a melodic post-rock collage."
Victor Villareal
Victor Villareal
Short of a VH-1 Special - Victor Villarreal lives the life of a rock star. Or so we are lead to believe. Victor has been seen as some sort of an enigma since he first started playing in a band called Cap'n Jazz. A protege that was able to pick up a guitar and create melodic structure was far beyond his own time. Many dreamed of what he could achieve and many continue to be inspired by his talents.
There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and Victor's musical career bridged upon this. Victor's life has always been one of a mystery that his fans have desperately been seeking to know about. Its not only his whereabouts, but also any evidence that a reappearance will emerge with another glimpse into his musical genius. Victor has recently resurfaced! Becoming active again with Ghosts and Vodka and debuting a solo album "Alive," 2009 has marked the year in which Victor finally makes his return. How long will it be before he disappears again? Hopefully never...
The Winter Me
The Winter Me
"The Winter Me are an indie-rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois in late 2009. Founded by Jason Johnson (guitar, vocals), the band's lineup also includes Chicago music scene stalwarts Justin Wexler (drums) and Eorl Scholl (bass). Largely inspired by the likes of bands such as Smashing Pumpkins, The Raveonettes and My Bloody Valentine, The Winter Me's sound contains elements of shoegaze, alternative rock and dream pop. The group has recorded a few demos worth of material since 2010 and is currently working on establishing its presence in the Chicago music scene."
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622