The Dirty Generals

Double Door Welcomes

The Dirty Generals

Rivals of the Peacemaker, Swear and Shake, Kevin Tihista's Red Terror

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

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The Dirty Generals
The Dirty Generals
We are a Country Mid-Western band out of Chicago. We have fought our battles individually and lost, but together we will win the war. Think 3 part Harmisons, teardrops in your whiskey, boozy bellows and old fashioned grit. Admiral Hertztokoff, Major Cannons & Lieutenant Longfellow's vocals come together as a cocktail of equal parts tradition, emotion and whiskey. Don't let us fool ya, we make look clean cut on the outside, but deep down we are Dirty Generals and we came to raise hell!!!
Rivals of the Peacemaker
Rivals of the Peacemaker
Chicago has always been a notorious place for artists and outlaws. A city of grit and noise, set between the great lakes and the great plains. The kind of place that could bring together an eclectic group of musicians like Rivals of the Peacemaker.

Rivals are all about their roots - loving Emmylou Harris and Motorhead in the same breath, steeping themselves in the history of their heroes, and bringing a fierce loyalty to each other and to their passion for Americana music.

The band blends foot stomping energy with rich textures and harmonies and driving rhythms. Fronted by singer/songwriter Alex Watson, and layering harmonies with guitarist Billy Watson(vocals/guitar) the two personify rowdy and romantic. Bringing in players on lap steel, harmonica, banjo, madolin, and more, Rivals of the Peacemaker weave stories of rebels and sweethearts, heartbreaks and revenge.

The band has built a solid foundation on original music, a few choice covers and a rip roarin live show. Rivals have been featured artists on the Shure Give it Voice Tour, Do312, Rukus Radio, Q106 Country Showdown and are currently booking a midwest summer tour. Their debut album will be completed in April 2011
Swear and Shake
Swear and Shake
In a city that offers endless new sounds, New York-based band Swear & Shake's loyal fan base and earnest talent have driven them on tours across the US and into the focal point of fawning critics. The band's star seems to be continually on the rise, as they play premiere Manhattan and Brooklyn venues and release their fully-Kickstarter-funded LP, Maple Ridge, only a year after their formation.

wear & Shake is Kari Spieler (vocals, lyrics, guitar), Adam McHeffey (vocals, lyrics, guitar, banjo, piano), Shaun Savage (electric bass), and Tom Elefante (percussion). The band formed in 2010 after Kari helped Adam record a demo one of his original songs, "Johnnie." From that moment, they knew they were on to something good. Adam recruited longtime friends Shaun and Tom to flesh out the sounds behind Kari's soulful, smoky voice and Adam's catchy folk strumming.

The band was a hit from their first release in November 2010, a five track album aptly titled "Extended Play," which received over 200,000 Creative Commons downloads in North American and Europe. In the first few months, favorite tunes like "Johnnie" and "Bones" started to pop up in covers on YouTube.

Newsday praised the band, comparing them to indie darlings Mumford & Sons and Bon Iver. New York's The Deli described front lady Kari's pipes as "gorgeously full," and Brooklyn Belles compared her to “a young June Carter Cash." David Malachowski of the Daily Freeman made clear that Swear and Shake is more than fun sounds and pretty faces. “A haunting postcard from a faraway, warmer place, Spieler’s moving, heartfelt delivery takes this to a higher place,” writes Malachowski. “Daring and direct, Swear & Shake points a finger at you, and you can’t help but respond. Well done.” Frost Click called the band’s EP a “treat” and writes, “There's no denying the fact that Swear and Shake know how to make amazing sounds. The quartet has a knack for creating a wonderful balance of emotion, instruments, vocals and lyrics; making you want to listen more and more.”

Writing about their appearance at B.O.M.B. Fest opening for Weezer and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Connecticut's Culture Cache called their sound, "expansive, majestic, harmony-heavy," and music blog The Indie Kollection wrote, “Musical discoveries like these make me want to move to NY.” Luckily, there's still time to make the move considering blog The Feast called them "a mainstay on the New York scene."

Despite the band's critical acclaim, attending a Swear & Shake show feels like a cozy, crowded room of old friends where a guitar is picked up as the last bottle is poured. Shows at New York institutions like The Living Room, Pete's Candy Store, The Knitting Factory, Arlene's Grocery, and the Bitter End have been raucous and full of laughter and dancing. Music blog Sounds That Matter, who had the band record a video for their site testified, "It took me one day to realize I was head over heels for this band."

Using the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, the band raised $5,250 ($750 over their goal) from over 100 individual donations to make their latest independent record. Swear and Shake used various social media outlets and endearing quirky video updates to get the word out about their Kickstarter campaign (and released a super adorable impromptu celebratory dance video when they reached their goal). Recording was finished in the early fall and the album, including recent fan favorites like "These White Walls," "Marbles," and "Wrecking Ball," will be available in early 2012. - Amber C. Van Nattan
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror
Kevin Tihista's Red Terror

It’s been a while... 2005 in fact was the last time the world heard from Kevin Tihista with 'Home Demons Vol 1' (a collection of bedroom recordings and studio out-takes) that was almost as well received as the previous year’s 'Wake Up Captain'. Through those years Kevin never stopped writing and recording, endlessly adding to his epic song pile that he only began at the age of 30 but for a variety of reasons including financial hardship, parting with his US label Parasol, personal ups and downs, aborted studio recordings as well as a hefty dose of indecision - an album was not forthcoming.

This all changed in the summer of 2011 when Kevin sent his UK label Broken Horse a new song, 'In Dreams', and a plan was hatched to reunite him with his producer Ellis Clark who had produced his first three albums. With an embarrassment of riches of songs to record but only a finite and limited budget to play with, a plan was hatched to concentrate on the more sombre songs that he had written over the last few years. The pop songs he had up his other sleeve would largely have to wait their turn. Recorded quicky, over a 5-6 week period, in intense 2-3 day sessions in the studio, 'On This Dark Street' may prove to be Kevin’s finest work to date. Gloriously bleak, deliciously dark and with his trademark gallows humour firmly in place, it’s hard to imagine a more affecting album will be released in 2012. Kevin Tihista has probably heard of the likes of Bill Callahan and Mark Eitzel but I very much doubt he’s heard their music.'On This Dark Street' finds him camping on their lawn.

Kicking off with ‘Taking It To The Streets (Again)’, Tihista references heartbreak, murder, manslaughter, Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac, The Beatles, drinking, drugging and falling off too many tables and more heartbreak, to devastating effect. Not until the closing 'Country Road' does he finally turn on the lights with a pop standard you would swear you’ve known all your life. The closing line of the album “Everything will be OK”, shining a light at the end of this particularly dark tunnel. A follow up to 'On This Dark Street' is already mostly written and partially recorded, according to the man himself, “The plan is to make it sound like a greatest hits, each song better than the last. I think I’ve got the songs and I’m writing like crazy, so let’s see.”
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Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622