Jonny Rumble

Double Door Welcomes

Jonny Rumble

Adam Ashbach, The Bottom Dollars, Mobley, The Flips

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$5.00 - $8.00

This event is 21 and over

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Jonny Rumble
Jonny Rumble
In 2008, the boys of Jonny Rumble put their collective frustrations into Almost Dead, their third full-length release. In blasting an eloquent and full-throttled critique of our misguided modern social and political state, the album served up the bitter rebellion and social conscience of early punk culture with a wickedly melodic edge. It was “a finger pointing, blame laying manifesto,” according to vocalist/guitarist Brian Webb.

Now, after several well-received interim singles (not to mention a string of bad luck that included hurricanes, hazardous jobs, jail, stolen vans, burglaries, broken bones, busted teeth and severe burns), Jonny Rumble is back with the a new full-length titled JR, an explosive mix of power pop, garage rock and alt-country. The album features the monster single “BRZRKR,” the liltingly psychedelic “Stumped” and the beautiful piano and pedal steel-driven “Time.” Rounding out Jonny Rumble’s line-up are Patrick O’Connor (vocals, keys, guitar), Jeremy Pryor (vocals, bass) and Seth Thomas (vocals, drums). JR the album is available on vinyl as a limited edition to 250 copies at

Rock Proper, an online music distributor/net label launched in 2009, will be the exclusive digital distributor of the album. You can download the full record for FREE at
Adam Ashbach
Adam Ashbach
After living in Brooklyn, NY for a short time to pursue the artist's dream, Adam came back home to Chicago in 2008 and recorded the well received ep 'Puzzle Pieces' at Chicago's own CRC and Studio Ballistico. After playing only a few live shows in support of the ep Ashbach then went into hiding to reflect on life and everything other than music, but once again the music bug has bit him and brought him back to familiar territory. Adam fell right back into Tim Sandusky's Studio Ballistico to collaborate on new music with all new musicians except for Jason Angelilli (his bass player and friend from grade school), who has become a stalwart and solid writing companion. Joining Adam and Jason in the studio and rounding out the live show is Neal O'Hara, Reid Muchow, and Taras Horalewskyj. These young and talented musicians can be heard in multiple bands in the city who you can find playing out on any given night. Their contagious desire has rubbed off on Adam to get back out and play live again. Eager to release his new ep 'Too Much Left To Write', Adam brought years of experience and what he likes to call "getting old" to the studio. This go around, Adam is happy to be playing music for the joy leaving behind the memories of old bands and line-ups and he is reveling in the newness of what is happening now.
The Bottom Dollars
The Bottom Dollars
These "serial heart stealers" [The Deli Magazine] produce an absolute wall of sound; thunderous drums echoing behind a classic rock rhythm section with soaring, lush vocal harmonies. Take that picture and paint it with shades of The Clash's on-stage dominance, the vibe of The Band circa 'Rock of Ages' and the power of My Morning Jacket and you've almost got The Bottom Dollars.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, this proudly-loud five piece are quickly becoming a point of discussion for bloggers and tapers, as well as eager & sweaty concert-goers all across the country.

Hot off the release of their debut 'The Halcyon Days,' The Bottom Dollars stormed through the american independent rock scene showcasing at SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon(s), placed first as The Deli Magazine's Best Emerging Artist of 2011 (Editor's Poll) and recently recorded a session with indie giants: Daytrotter, currently resting at #57 in their top sessions.


"Professional Sonic Assassins."

"The Bottom Dollars' music goes something like this...It's having a flask tucked, at all times, in the inside pocket of any coat that would ever be worn. It's keeping that flask healthily full with something that coats."
- Sean Moeller, Daytrotter

"It doesn't get much better."
- Lindsay Gilbert, No Pulp Music

“Pick any Bottom Dollars' tune and see if the first guitar riff doesn't make you want a bottle of whiskey and a barstool (the "let's make some trouble" kind, not the "let's drown our sorrows" kind).”
- ScoutMob

"With heavy blues vocals and an old-west-appeal, The Bottom Dollars continue to feed on their growing buzz with energetic live shows and a constant presence in the New York music scene."
- Devon Antonetti, The Deli Magazine
Founded in North Carolina by lead singer and songwriter Anthony Watkins II and later joined by bassist Tim Shelburne and drummer Sergio Trejos, Mobley settled into it's current formation during the fall of 2009. After a cross-country move and months of preparation, they're hard at work trying to prove themselves as one of Austin's most promising young bands.

The songs draw from a wealth of influences, often tied together with only as much thread as is necessary for coherence. What results is a repertoire that, by virtue of its diversity, truly transports the listener. It's a set composed of contrasting moods and moments: an anthemic blitz of guitars and wired synths; a falsetto croon slinking out over drum-bass groove straight out of '73; a music box lullaby bursting into chamber pop or keening alt-country or glitzy dance-rock. All of these sounds are complemented by a stunning video/light component and performed by musicians that command the stage with a presence that belies their youth and a vigor that proves it.
The Flips
The Flips
The Flips are an indie/alternative rock band from the south side of Chicago, Illinois.

The Flips have been demoing and playing gigs since 2007, but constant personnel changes, and not being able to find a niche in the ever-changing Chicago music scene had always hindered the band from ever truly stepping up to bat.

However, now with a solid lineup in Mike Carlson (drums), Dustin Martin (guitar
), Annette Nowacki (keys, percussion, etc) and Nick Sintos (vocals/guitar), The Flips plan on taking Midwest by force.

With their debut EP, "Damn You & Damn Me, Too", (released December 16th, 2011) The Flips are looking to turn a lot of heads with their passionate rock sounds
mixed with songwriter Nick Sintos' honest and heartfelt lyrics. "This collection of songs was all written around the time I was going through some rough patches in my life. We lost some people very close to us, and it put a strain on my relationship not only with my friends and my family, but also strained my relationship with God. I didn't like the person I was becoming; and these songs serve as a storytelling device for the things I was going through in a very general, yet introspective way," Sintos says.

To assist them in putting their thoughts into sound, The Flips enlisted the aid of audio engineer Alex Cruz from The Jungle Recording studio in Chicago. Together they would craft a sound that is delicate, yet abrasive; dreamy, yet raw, and all complimenting lyrics that are sensitive and personal and spiritually cognizant.

Now, having played numerous shows all over Chicago and its surrounding areas, and with the release of "Damn You & Damn Me, Too", the only thing that is left for The Flips is to just swing for the fences.
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622