The Samples

Island One Productions Presents...

The Samples

Beautiful Collision, Taggart Transcontinental, DJ Rad Brian (Simmer Down Sunday DJ)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$20.00 - $75.00

This event is 21 and over

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The Samples
The Samples
Sean Kelly & The Samples
25 years after starting his full fledged music career with The Samples, Sean Kelly continues to delight fans with music that transcends genres, age and shatters the rules of the established music industry. Throughout his career, Sean has been the driving influence of 20 albums and over 1 million records sold.

Sean started playing guitar at age 16 listening to Neil Youn
g, Rolling Stones and Jackson Browne. Those influences mixed with his own poignant and timeless lyrics, a unique and striking voice and a mind for melodies led to songs like Little Silver Ring, Feel Us Shaking and Wild River. For many fans, these aren't new songs or old songs, but anthems to their lives that represent the first time they met their wife or the joys of their times at college.

The Samples are more than a band - they represent a culture of fans and music that go beyond who happens to be playing in the band at any given time. There have been many members of The Samples, but Sean Kelly has been the consistent factor throughout all of the changes.

Sean's journeys across America have taken place in rental cars, tour buses and pickup trucks that would have literally taken him to the moon and back over the last quarter of a century. There is a lot of music in store in 2012 and beyond from Sean Kelly and The Samples.

A biopic documentary about the band is in the works titled "The Best Band You've Never Heard". It is being produced by Besame films and is due to be released in 2012. "What a great documentary" Sean kelly
Beautiful Collision
Beautiful Collision
Beautiful Collision (BeCo) is a two-piece original band that takes the rock world in it’s own unique direction. The energy-filled acoustic rock is accented with hints of fusion and salsa. Texas-raised, Chicago-based, Cuban-flavored, this band consists of brothers Adrian Perez (guitar, vocals) and Jason Perez (drums, backround vocals), who started their musical careers while living in Mexico City b
ack in 2002.

"We make music because we love music, and we make the music that comes natural to us", explains Adrian. Jason adds, "there's a thin line between taking the song somewhere and letting the song take you somewhere. We try to keep a healthy balance of both". The aim is to create something elaborately real, with depth, meaning, and foundation. “While at the same time", they continued, "we simply want to have fun on any stage, at any place, at any time, with whoever isn't afraid of doing something different and relevant".

There’s a contagious energy that the brothers seem to pass on to the ever-changing artists sharing the stage, with instruments ranging from steel pan to violin. “Every show seems to take on it’s own shape, going in directions we didn’t really expect, but we usually see, in retrospect” Adrian says.

Their experience comes from playing in small venues in Mexico to all regions of the Chicago land area even branching out to neighboring states and festivals such as SXSW in Austin. In 2008 they won the Emerging Artist Competition, a yearly event put on by Guzzardo’s Music in Rockford IL. Their increasingly popular EP simply entitled “EP” was released in 2009 featuring fan favorites “Panic” and “Escape”. Currently, BeCo is in the studio working on their highly anticipated first full length feature album.
Taggart Transcontinental
Taggart Transcontinental
Taggart Transcontinental has been performing all over Chicago for the last 3yrs. The bands sound is one all in its own, mixing Live Hip-Hop,Spoken Word, Jazz,Funk,Jam and whatever moves the Soul.Tho they just released their first CD "Breathe to a Beat" in 2010,their Live Show is not to be missed! Encouraging the audience to get involved, they've been known to break into a drum session mid song and creep back to their respective instruments like it never happened, also joined by guest artist and its as if the show grows right before you! If you get a chance CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!!
DJ Rad Brian (Simmer Down Sunday DJ)
DJ Rad Brian (Simmer Down Sunday DJ)
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622