Liza Day (CD Release)

Shoeshine Boy Productions Presents

Liza Day (CD Release)

Jessica Robbins (Lonely Companion), Martha Berner and The Significant Others, Micah Walk (acoustic)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$6.00 - $9.00

This event is 21 and over

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Liza Day (CD Release)
Liza Day (CD Release)
It's like a stack of battered library books or a closet full of hand-me-downs; it's the family china or a friend's couch that becomes a home away from home--treasures borrowed for a time to serve, edify, or beautify. Liza Day is an expert borrower. In the fall of 2005, she borrowed her parents' acoustic guitar in order to write a few songs for a college class. A few weeks later, she borrowed micro
phones and band instruments for her first demos. A few years, a few records, and a few midwest tours later, she's keeping up the act. Driving to work, taking a walk, reading a book, you can watch her eyes taking in the world and borrowing whatever she needs from whatever she sees; she carefully eyes places, pages, faces, and the daily news with keen interest, as if you could hear her thinking, "there's a song in there somewhere." And Liza Day is still borrowing.

Born Lindsey Czechowicz, her stage name is one half affectionate nickname and one half borrowed from social justice crusader Dorothy Day. Her music reflects this marriage, half diary-page-reflection and half public service announcement, with sounds appropriated from, well, wherever. From Appalachian folk she borrows rustic textures and deadpan storytelling. From the margins of pop she takes a disregard for tired conventions. From classic rock she borrows a dash of grit and recklessness. From old soul and gospel she borrows the secrets of voicing urgent conviction with the most human of all instruments. It's all there, it isn't particularly tidy, and ultimately it's nobody's but her own. So then, here's the bargain: let her borrow your ears and a few minutes of your time, and you'll be glad you did. (biography written by Chris Leonard)
Jessica Robbins (Lonely Companion)
Jessica Robbins (Lonely Companion)
Jessica Robbins wrote her first song in third grade about the distant and mysterious planet, Saturn. Today her songs focus the same sense of wonderment and reverie on subjects a little closer to the heart. Whether it's the Gillian Welch sentimentality or the Bon Iver-like thump of an acoustic guitar, Jessica pulls from a variety of inspirations. The lively spirit of her upbeat tunes is infectious,
while a ribbon of formidable resolve weaves through her songs of trouble and loss. Her natural, flowing sense of phrasing and meter belies the hours of hard work spent honing her craft - not surprising, coming from a girl who founded her own start-up education business after graduating from Harvard.
In 2010 Jessica released her first album "Dear Fred" to positive reviews, and she has continued to play to admiring audiences all over her native Chicago. Time Out Chicago called Jessica a promising new artist and wrote that her “smart songs veer toward the folkier end of the rock spectrum but often recall the bite of Aimee Mann”. This June she will release a new EP, “Habitat”. Her songs explore the mysterious side of love, loss and zombies - Jessica truly enjoys the wild, electric combination of inspiration, spontaneity and music.
Martha Berner and The Significant Others
Martha Berner and The Significant Others
“...evokes the vocals of Tori Amos and the musical style of Wilco.” –
The Chicago Tribune
Ever since the release of her 2005 Machine Records full-length debut...this side of yesterday indie-folk singer/songwriter Martha Berner has created quite a buzz in the music world. Not only did that release and her 2007 follow-up EP Ten Tiny Little Pieces garner a wealth of press accolades both nationally and abroad, including features in high-profile publications, such as Magnet, Performing Songwriter, Chicago Tribune, Hear/Say and Out Magazine, but it also opened the door for worldwide radio play (not only in the U.S., but also abroad on radio stations in Japan,
Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Israel, as well as many other countries). In addition, Martha has made numerous in-studio radio performances throughout the nation, and has also performed live on a number of FOX, CBS and NBC
television news shows. Her songs “Wait For Me” and “Some Stay A While” have been featured on MTV’s popular television show “The Real World.” Martha’s own upbeat Americana composition “A Town Called Happiness” was also featured along with songs from Neko Case, Joseph Arthur, The New Pornographers,
Michelle Shocked and others on a compilation CD entitled The Voices and Faces Project. This same song
also later appeared on an exclusive CD sampler compiled by Chicago’s I-GO Car Sharing alongside other
Chicago luminaries such as Wilco, Studs Terkel andNeko Case.
This year marks the return of the dusky alto with
her long-awaited full-length follow-up Fool's
Fanatsy along with her new band The Significant
Others. The entire album was recorded at
Chicago’s premiere digital recording studio
Stranded On A Planet with producer & Significant
Others' guitarist Scott Fritz, and was mastered by
four-time Grammy Award winner Gavin Lurssen
(Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, Cat Power, Tom
Waits, Leonard Cohen, etc). While this new
material still incorporates the Chicago-based
musician's trademark whiskey-and-honey vocals
and thought-provoking subjects that stretch across
folk, pop and Americana, Fool’s Fantasy marks
Martha's first true band effort - incorporating
elements of Stax soul, insurgent country and the
unbridled passion of late ‘60s rock-n-roll.
Micah Walk (acoustic)
Micah Walk (acoustic)
The Micah Walk Band's approach to music is subtly hinted at in their own name: simple and to the point. Nostalgic songwriting that brings about feelings of home and family, love and relationships, and those hard-learned mistakes is the first attraction to Micah Walk. Each song tends to float in your head after you first hear it, creating the sense that the song has always been there. Walk's per
sonal epitaphs are voiced with passionate authority and carefully supported by the other band members' playing. All former college roommates, guitarist John Cardoni, drummer Darin Holthaus and bassist Dan Hartman have a keen awareness of each other that helps elevate the intensity and excitement of any performance.

Since forming in 2005, the band has developed a growing sense of knowing how to say the most by playing the least. That of itself is a philosophy that has always stood the test of time, if done just right. It's a never-ending goal, both personal and within the group. The Micah Walk Band isn't striving to be progressive; they would prefer to concentrate of how to play something, rather than what to play. This outlook on music is evident throughout their recently self-recorded and self-produced album titled Bright Side Fantasy, which was independently released in July 2008
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622