Pete Jive and Juice Digits

Coyote Arts Festival Presents - Early Show

Pete Jive and Juice Digits

The Lost Brigade, Jeff Brown, Kevin Crafton

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Doors: 1:30 pm / Show: 2:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Admission is Free with a Coyote Arts Festival Wristband

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Pete Jive and Juice Digits
Pete Jive and Juice Digits
Performing live since 2002, Pete Jive has been spreading the message of self affirmation and compassion throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Bassist, Juice Digits, and Vocalist/Guitarist, Pete Jive, provide a feel-good show every time, diffusing positivity and spreading good vibrations nightly to their rapidly growing fan base. The band’s first E.P. “Live at the Kinetic Playground” was release
d October 2009 and was the first album to showcase Pete Jive’s “old country picking style and youthful wisdom”, as Josh Hisle from Neil Young’s Vapor Records put it. In June 2011, the group will release “No Sign of Regret”, their first studio album, 2 years in the making. This record features elements of traditional American folk music, roots reggae and rock ‘n’ roll, which have shaped Pete Jive’s sound and direction from the start. The release coincides with the launch of and a heap of dates for late summer and fall including shows in, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, Missouri and New Jersey. The energy of Pete Jive live is contagious and they have had opportunities to share the stage with national artists such as Slightly Stoopid, Josh Heinrichs, Badda Skat, Josh Hisle and DJ Redlox. Local favorite Chicago Farmer mentioned, “I’ve heard nothing but good things, and they were all true”.

With Juice Digits’ unique, reggae inspired, cruising bass lines, coupled with the soulful singing range and magnetic intensity of Pete Jive, this group is a breath of fresh air for listeners of all ages and interests.
The Lost Brigade
The Lost Brigade
Matthew Morgan and the Lost Brigade is a hard-working band that has made its mark on the Chicago music scene, and is now pushing into the Midwest. With the diversity of banjo and dulcimer alongside a female rocker that has shared the stage with Joan Jett, this band blends hopeful and upbeat rock with the deep reality of folk roots. Neil Young, Paul Simon and R.E.M. are among influences for the five-piece outfit that is poised to take on new musical territory with its follow-up to 2011’s "Red Silhouettes".

MMLB is as “intense as whiskey with all the flavors of fine wine. Bombastic, upbeat pop/folk grabs audiences by the hand. It’s a sweet slow dance…” (OnAxis Music). With each show, responses from fans of both music and art have been overwhelmingly positive. CAUDog Records of Chicago, IL recognizes the band’s solid reputation and is partnering to produce and release the group’s first professional recording, expected in Fall of 2012.

The group began carving a niche in 2009 as previous members of two Chicago-based bands (Black Bottle Junction and 1/2 Mad Poet) joined as recruits to support Morgan’s album project that was released in winter 2011. The home-spun DIY album "Red Silhouettes" shines with quirk and charm, as acoustic guitars are paired with distorted electric guitar, accordion, driving drum beats, banjo, bells, keyboards and atmospheric gems which work together in surprising ways.

The songs on the album give a nod to stories from Civil War letters and victories from personal battles. Morgan (lead vocals, guitars) was formerly diagnosed with a rare disease which he fought against and won. He now brings his zest for life and pursuing dreams to the fullest to the table. The experience gave Matt “a better idea of how important life is and how lazy we are when we think we have all the time in the world to do things."

Morgan is a visual artist and musician, as is bassist Kavin Lahvic. This connection to Chicago’s Wicker Park art scene is another factor that sets the group apart, as MMLB has carved a niche with well-attended shows at local art galleries including Chicago’s renowned Flat Iron Artist's Association.

The band is not a group of hobbyists. “I’ve wanted to do this since I was a little kid,” says Matt. The band met through a wide variety of means, from chance encounters to friends that “forgot” to mention they were wildly talented. Each member brings strength to the band adding harmonies, multi-instrumentalist skills and a plethora of life experiences. Their energetic live shows are a sonic feast. MMLB satiates the hunger for honest roots music mixed with fresh, fun creative rock. Matthew Morgan and the Lost Brigade make music we're glad to find.

The current lineup consists of six members (Matthew Morgan, Anita Chase, Kevin Lahvic, Jeff Gilbert, Dave Szpunar, and Anand Christopher).
Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown
Chicago-based singer/songwriter Jeff Brown was born in the Chicago suburb of Elk Grove Village, IL. After moving to California as a child, he began a lifelong love of making music upon finding his dad's old guitar in the attic. Raised on heavy metal (Brown was a veteran performer in several heavier bands throughout high school and college), versed in classical and the blues, he has since found h
is home in the soothing melodies and heartfelt lyrics of modern folk rock Brown graduated from Loyola University in Chicago, studying English and Philosophy, and after several years returned to Academia to study law, specializing in Entertainment legal matters.

During a two-year stint in litigation, Jeff Brown met singer-songwriters Greg Combs and Christine Knodle, and formed Goodbyehome in 2008, an alt-country band rooted in rich harmonies and strong songwriting. Though focusing a majority of his musical attention on Goodbyehome, Brown grew as a songwriter in his own right, and began gathering material and players towards his own ends. As the Goodbyehome lineup changed, many members teamed up with Brown to form the core of what is often lovingly referred to as “The Jeff Brown Extra Large Trio” – a four-piece group also consisting of Christine Knodle on violin and vocals, Jim Lordeman on drums and vocals, and Michael “Vez” Narvaez on bass.

Often reluctant – or unable – to characterize with any particularity the definitive style of his music, Brown frequently describes his sound as ‘a singer-songwriter who got himself a band’. His shows and music run the range from delicate indie-folk to more aggressive alt-rock with forays into jazz and chamber pop, thanks largely to the intricate strings of violinist Knodle. His songwriting trends towards the melancholic and his Facebook page cites his songwriting influences as “Girls and alcohol, mostly,” though in reality, his music is rarely that one-dimensional. Brown writes love songs for people who are sick of love songs.

Balancing a blossoming legal career with his musical pursuits, Brown released his long-overdue debut album, ‘Last Chance’ on CAUDog Records in June of 2012. An 11-track work engineered and produced by Ellis Clark, named via Brown’s assertion that “pretty much every one of [these] songs is a healthy mix of despair and hope.”
Kevin Crafton
Kevin Crafton
Kevin Crafton is a folk/rock artist that draws inspiration from the poetry of Jim Daniels and James Wright. With his LP The Vacant Heartland, the scene has been set for his telling the story of the demise of the country's heart and thus morale.

This kind of music is something that may have been heard in the late 1970s by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and John Mellencamp imbued with t
ouches of early 1990s alternative and modern indie/alt-county. The lyrics convey a message, not of political stance, but of an objective view of the Nation as a whole.

Cut from working class cloth, Crafton understands you reap what you sow. He does not shy from having to work hard for his success. Not knowing what to do or how to do it is viewed as an interesting challenge rather than a hindrance. With this work ethic he has been able to build a substantial relationship with bands, venues, and most importantly fans across the Midwest, building his “business” from the ground up. But it does not stop there. Crafton believes there are so many songs today that are catchy but lyrically are simply a stream of clever one-liners incoherently strewn together. It is his objective to write catchy songs that can breathe, and have their own conscious.

Crafton has played the Phoenix Theater, The Melody Inn, The Vollrath Tavern, The Spot, and Lazy Daze Cafe a number of times in Indy, as well as places in Bloomington, Muncie, Greencastle, Louisville, KY, Champaign, IL, Dayton and Columbus, OH. He is planning tours all over the south and east, as well as the the Plains states in the coming months, with shows already set up in Chicago, North Carolina and Atlanta. He has played with such acts as Sarah VonderHaar (IL), Hero Jr. (IN), Jascha (IN), Ryan Puett (IN), Frontier Folk Nebraska (KY), Grey Market (FL), The Private Life of David Reed (SC) and This Holy House (AR).
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622