Dot Dot Dot

Double Door Welcomes

Dot Dot Dot

AM Taxi, Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts, Hank & Cupcakes

Friday, March 22, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 21 and over

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Dot Dot Dot
Dot Dot Dot
Dot Dot Dot presents an intense live show with the refinement of seasoned pop professionalism. Since coming together in 2007, the band has performed over 700 shows and sold thousands of CDs – all without record label support. The co-ed quintet may be familiar to some as finalists on FOX TV’s “American Idol” spin-off show, “The Next Great American Band,” during its 2007 season. High-profile shows have followed, including appearances at the Sundance Film Festival, a VH1 Save the Music benefit, events for WGN, T-Mobile, Victoria’s Secret, Wrigley, and an invite to perform at President Obama’s 2010 “Moving America Forward” rally in Chicago.

Radio single “Stay” broke the Top 100 Mediabase Adult Contemporary chart in 2010, and EPs I and II charted on the CMJ Top 200 and have been spun on over 180 college radio stations nationwide. Dot Dot Dot has penned songs for national ad campaigns including Party City, the Florida Gators, the Kentucky Derby, Jeep, and “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.” A number of the band’s songs have also been placed in the latest season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Bad Girls Club.” All releases are available on iTunes, Amazon, and www(.)dotdotdotonline(.)com.
AM Taxi
AM Taxi
"And in the accident/I'll be the failure in your brakes/I am the truth you couldn't take/ I am the mistake/The worst you ever made."

With a blend of old-school punk, world beat and modern pop influences, Chicago-based AM Taxi combines experience with exuberance on their Virgin Records debut, We Don't Stand A Chance. The band was formed almost two years ago‚ with the encouragement of Sublime producer Miguel Happoldt‚ by longtime Windy City bandmates and pals, singer/songwriter Adam Krier, drummer Chris Smith and bassist Jason Schultejann. The trio began writing and recording and produced their first EP, Runaway Songs. Shortly after, they were joined by brothers John and Luke Schmitt on guitar and keyboards. AM Taxi began establishing a rep as a dynamic live outfit with headlining performances at local clubs like the Metro and soon after recorded their second EP, The Good, The Bad and The Fed Up.
Entering an Austin studio with producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, Patty Griffin, And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead), AM Taxi proceeded to record a major-label debut that reflects the group's diverse influences. From the Springsteen-by-way-of-The Hold Steady, Fed Up, and the heart-on-the-sleeve Replacements-like confessional, "The Mistake"‚ to the Police-inspired world beat of "Dead Street" and the Clash-esque reggae pulse of "Charissa" the group has one foot firmly planted in the classics and one right here, right now in the present.
"We wanted someone who could capture the way we sounded live" says Krier about the choice of McCarthy. "What made Mike stand out was how he still records bands that way. He still uses reel-to-reel and we recorded majority of the album live in studio. We weren't so interested in making a record that sounded current, as we were something that could be classic"
Pointing to personal favorites like Pacific Northwest Nuggets-style garage bands like the Wailers, the Sonics and Paul Revere and the Raiders, the British Invasion bands, soul greats Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, Two-Tone bands, The Specials or Alt-Country acts Wilco and Ryan Adams, AM Taxi were not afraid to experiment with their sound.
"Our motto in the studio was, "If it ain't broke, break it" We'd try things from every possible angle" says Krier. "We're not re-inventing the wheel here. It's just classic rock songwriting with present-day arrangements. Ever since I was a kid, I've been attracted to the honesty of bands like the Replacements and the Clash, who are completely opposite, actually. One would go out of their way to shoot themselves in the foot and the other wanted to take over the world. But both told the truth"
That ability to tell it like it is comes through in Krier's‚ writing and in AM Taxi's musicality. Taking their inspiration from his touring around the U.S. with several of his previous bands, songs like "Dead Street" and "Shake, Rattle and Stall" explore the restlessness he encountered along the way or, as Krier puts it, "Wherever I went, people were trying to get out of where they were".
There are also songs about things everyone can identify with, like a couple in which no matter how much he messes up, she takes him back ("Charissa") or New Year's resolutions gone bad ("Champagne Toast").
"I try to write songs about things people can relate to" nods Adam. "For me, the best music, at the end of the day, is therapeutic. That's always in the back of my mind a little when I'm sitting down to write."
Currently, AM Taxi's short for American Taxi, so-called because they're all about moving across the U.S. towards their destination continue hitting the road. They've already been on tour with the likes of Billy Talent, Company of Thieves, The Spill Canvas, The Lawrence Arms, The Architects, The Saw Doctors, the complete Warped Tour 2010, and a slew of many other great bands across the U.S.
"Our goal is to take that 45 or 60 minutes and let people get away for a little bit." says Adam. "And maybe even convert some of them to AM Taxi fans. And, if they dig what we're doing, maybe they'll check out some of the stuff that influenced us."
Take one listen to AM Taxi’s debut, We Don't Stand A Chance and you can hear that same reverence for the past and hope for the future, a band that can cut across any number of age or genre demographics. Take the ride they promise not to leave the meter running.
Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts
Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts

Songs are the key.

Miles Nielsen has been writing them for as long as he can remember. Good, bad, great – yeah he’s covered all those bases.

For some, music is something in the background, or in the corner of the bar, or merely something that lives on the other side of the dial – a magic diversion created to pass the time in the car. For Miles Nielsen, music is as much a part of his life as
the act of taking a breath, every experience, every conversation, every dream is a potential song in the making.

There are millions of people writing, recording and releasing music in today’s world of immediate return. Learn three chords, turn on the computer and you have a worldwide release. There are very few, however, who are writing music that makes you immediately wish there was “more” – another song to make you turn up the volume , another nugget of melody or lyric that you can find some part of to
make your own.

Miles’s songs provide that sense of yearning and ownership. You want to have another record, another song – you want to hit rewind … you want to know more about this world created in song by Mr. Nielsen. A captivating wordsmith, instrumentalist, and creator of hooks – rare indeed, but present in the person of Miles Nielsen.

It would be hard to imagine that the years spent honing his craft throughout the bars and music halls of the Midwest, were not leading to something bigger, something permanent. His latest release, Miles Nielsen presents the Rusted Hearts certainly occupies a space of permanence – these songs are not mere throwaway pop songs – but, rather explorations and declarations of a mastery of style and substance,
destined to fall into regular rotation on the turntables of fans new and old for years to come.

What is next? Like with any other prediction – no one can say. Gifts like Miles’s come along very infrequently, and one can only hope that his ability to be so “in the now” – listening for the songs spoken in the everyday world will continue to grow.

Then maybe that “more” we are looking for, will be given to us via that very key we yearn for –

…through Songs.
Hank & Cupcakes
Hank & Cupcakes
Flush with simmering sexuality and irresistible dance pulse, Brooklyn-based Hank & Cupcakes are the coalescence of rock without guitars and pop without synthesizers. Hailing from Tel Aviv, the duo consist of powerhouse vocalist/drummer Cupcakes and bassist/pedal board magician Hank. Named in reference to Charles “Hank” Bukowski and one of his real-life lovers "Cupcakes," they have been honing their explosive live performances in front of US audiences since they arrived in 2008. Fully realized now, the show is a raucous bash, where the mesmerizing Cupcakes stands to bang her drum kit only breaking the beat to catalyze a dance party with the crowd.

Last August, Hank & Cupcakes recorded their upcoming album with Swedish producer Ludwig Boss at the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin where landmark records from U2, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, R.E.M. & many more were made. The debut album is due out sometime in early 2013 - for now, their three-track Ain’t No Love EP is available on iTunes.
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622